Innovation Insight

Having as starting point a simple idea or concept, we carry out the technical viability analysis, we build the whole R&D process, we manufacture the solution and we finish by delivering the new product.

Exatronic supports its customers in their supply chain. Our light structure makes it possible to provide faster and better products at an overall competitive price.

By integrating a complete offer, such as electronics, firmware, mechanics, technical support and dedicated logistics, we can help you compete at the leading edge in the world of electronics.

Hard Skills

Electronic Production and Procurement

• PCB Population and testing
• Supply chain management

  • PCB Sourcing up to HDI (High density interconnect)
  • Electronic Components
  • Mechanics

• Procurement & Purchasing
• Fast turnaround for small and medium series

Electronic Engineering

• Design & Development of Electronic Systems
• Design of Analogue and Digital Circuits
• Product Industrial DesignDFM Analysis (Design for manufacturability)
• Integrated Schematic Capture and PCB design
• Peer review of electronic project documentation
• Firmware and Embedded Coding

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20th anniversary
Exatronic's 20th anniversary

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